Wind-Up LLC


We are very boring people.
We have no hobbies… No outside interests. We're not fans, enthusiasts, or groupies. We don't bike, we don't surf, and we never have time to play an instrument. Yes, we could dance if we wanted to... but we don't.
What we do is work. All day and all night if we have to. We are obsessive… we are deranged. Once we get hold of a creative problem, we can not rest until we have a solution. Our plants go unwatered… our loved ones go neglected. When we do stop to talk… we talk shop.
Wind-Up Creative is a New York based design agency specializing in the creation of ad campaigns and key art for the entertainment industry. We do art direction, design, comp art, copy, retouching and photography… and we do it very well.
So maybe we're not boring… just blindly driven to make great creative work for our clients.
We are Wind-Up Creative. Give us a turn!